Glaze Line

Glaze Line: Made of AISI 304 – 316 quality high-quality stainless steel, complying with hygiene and food norms; It is a Z conveyor system with a circulation pump that allows the products to draw water by immersion method.

Custom Production to Meet Your Needs

Manufactured from high-quality AISI 304-316 stainless steel, in compliance with hygiene and food standards, this system utilizes circulation pumps to facilitate the immersion method for water absorption by products. It features a Z conveyor and can be produced with high tank capacities according to your process requirements. With its manhole cover, the tank can be easily emptied, and its special hinged structure allows for easy cleaning. Additionally, as an option, washing nozzles can be added to the system to allow for re-washing of the product during its passage on the Z conveyor.

• AISI 304-316 Quality High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
• Ergonomic Design
• Tailored Industrial Design
• Easy to Clean
• Domestic Production
• Conforms to HACCP Norms
• 3D Drawing Supported Production

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