Largemouth Bass Grading Line

Bream Bass Grading Line: Made of AISI 304 – 316 quality high-quality stainless steel, complying with hygiene and food norms; These are processing lines that we design according to the process, with the main target of efficiency in which the fish are processed and prepared for packaging.

Custom Production for Your Needs

Manufactured from high-grade AISI 304-316 stainless steel and compliant with hygiene and food standards, these modular, user-friendly machines are designed for industrial food production and advanced processing facilities, bringing high quality and efficiency.

The Grading Process Works as Follows: Fish on the gooseneck conveyor are placed at regular intervals in the center of the grading line’s infeed conveyor, initiating the grading process. The fish accelerate on the infeed conveyor, transition to the speed conveyor, and reach maximum speed. On the speed conveyor, fish are transferred to the checkweigher, where they are accurately weighed at high speed using sensors. The weighed fish are sorted into stations according to the weight calibrations set on the system. The only task for personnel is to monitor the station lights indicating when bins are full and classify the fish by weight into the styrofoam boxes in front of them. Personnel transfer the filled boxes to the packaging conveyor, sending the product for final weighing and labeling.

Labeled fish are then sent to your cold storage, processing area, or shipping, as per your requirements.

• AISI 304-316 Quality High Quality Stainless Steel Construction,
• Ergonomic Design,
• Tailored Industrial Design,
• Easy to Clean,
• High Efficiency,
• Low Production Costs,
• Domestic Goods Production,
• IP67 Touch screen control,
• Remotely accessible system,
• Possibility to receive different reports,
• Fast technical support opportunity,
• Fast spare parts supply,
• Multi-language support,
• Continuous Production Flow,
• Modular Design,
• Compliant with HACCP Norms,
• 3D Drawing Supported Production.

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