Salmon Evisceration Lines

Salmon Gutting Line: Made of AISI 304 – 316 quality high-quality stainless steel, complying with hygiene and food norms; These are all processes that can be used to decapitate, eviscerate, clean and wash large fish such as salmon and trout at a speed of 30 products/minute.

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Manufactured from high-quality AISI 304-316 stainless steel, in compliance with hygiene and food standards, this process encompasses head cutting, gutting, internal cleaning, and washing at a rate of 30 units per minute for large fish such as salmon and trout. Additionally, there is a 45-degree angled version available, prioritizing ergonomic comfort for the operating personnel. Waste is removed from the line with the assistance of a helix located beneath.

The process operates as follows: The fish, placed in the Tublifter-Bin Tipper, are tipped into the Buffer Washing Tank and Z Conveyor. Fish washed in the tank are transferred to the sorting table via the Z conveyor. At this stage, personnel select the fish from the sorting table and individually insert them into the head cutting unit to perform head cutting. Fish with heads removed are placed onto the gutting line (chain conveyor), with one fish per slot. Personnel in designated areas perform gutting and internal cleaning on these fish.

Gutted and cleaned fish enter a nozzle-equipped washing cabinet for washing. Afterward, they are temporarily stored, washed again, and transferred to the Buffer Washing Tank and Z Conveyor to remain fresh. Subsequently, the products are transferred to the final product table. Depending on the facility’s process flow, products are distributed from here to cold storage rooms, packaging, or shipping.

• AISI 304-316 Quality High Quality Stainless Steel Construction
• Ergonomic Design
• Tailored Industrial Design
• Easy to Clean
• Domestic Production
• Conforms to HACCP Norms
• 3D Drawing Supported Production

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